thanks goodness for that (we can afford to have three dry days!)

The story from earlier this week (KINY Juneau news) is below.  Luckily we can have three more dry days this year (the last line of the report).

The most recent update is: “Meanwhile, today ( Wednesday) is the 26th straight day of measurable precipitation. The record is 31 days set in September of 1991.”

I have heard (from reliable Anthropologist type people) that when the local Tlingit first were confronted by Christian missionaries and heard the story of Noah’s arc, the response was generally “only 40 days and nights?!”–sounds great! Sign us up! 🙂

Rain records in danger of falling in Juneau
Juneau is working on a number of rain records.

One is wettest year ever, according to Meteorologist Rick Fritsch, who says as of this morning (Monday) this is the fourth wettest year on record.

Since January 1, Juneau has received 55.85 inches of rain. The forecaster says the normal amount is slightly over 44 and a half inches. So, he says, Juneau is a little less than a foot above normal for the year at this point.

The all time record is 85.15 inches in 1991.

Consecutive days of measurable precipitation at the Juneau Airport, which is considered one-one hundredth of inch or more, is currently at 24 days through this morning. (Monday)

That ranks as fifth all time so far.

Fritsch says of those 24 days, the airport as averaged slightly less than a half inch per day.

The record rainy streak of measurable rain is 31 days set in September of 1991, he says.

Juneau is also currently on track for a record number of days of measurable precipitation in a year. This year so far through this morning is at 206 days.

The record is 277 days set in 1999.

The forecaster says between now and the end of the year, the town can afford to have three dry days and  still tie that record.

What does the Juneau forecast look like?  Why lovely, of course:

Halloween is coming!

Torsten is excited to be an astronaut for Halloween this year. He has a costume party to go to today so we put it on for the first time. We just wanted to share with you how cute he looks. We also had fun decorating his space shuttle!

Fall Equinox (marathon)

The best time to visit Fairadise!  Carrie, Torsten, and Matt went up to Fairbanks in late September.  We stayed with Don & Anne (thanks for the great hospitality!).  We caught up with Dana, Martin (welcome back!), Curt (glad you were in town!), Gina, Harlow, Shawna, Blair, more, more, etc!).  We ran a relay: Carrie leg 1 (great run, she looked ready to keep going at the end!), Matt leg 2 (he got the “Juneau weather” treatment on Ester Dome and had the best “drowned rat” look going when he finished), and Gina leg 3 (the ringer!  We couldn’t get a picture of her–it was just a blur!).  What a great time.  Here are a few photos from the marathon.  More Fairbanks pictures soon.  And more marathon pictures in the gallery.

Carrie, running up the hill by the muskox farm with Peter giving support:

 Gina, blazing through leg 3:

At the finish line (Gina just kept going! Not really.. 🙂

Thoughts from someone who travels too much

1) wifi should be free in all airports.  Juneau finally added it.  Anchorage provides it.  Albuquerque has it.  Seattle seems to still want to force folks to pay up.  More and more airports are doing it right though.  And hotels!  I’m shocked when hotels want to charge for networking, and totally floored when they don’t even have it as an option–I’m so used to them having it, that I don’t think to ask anymore–and about once a year I got surprised.

2) I think the airlines/rental car/frequent flier plans are getting more stingy.  Not so much in the rewards (which is true), but they seem to “forget”/”lose”/”delete” the number from their records.  I find this when flying airline partners, rental car companies, etc.  The number goes in when I make the reservation, it isn’t there when I get the rental/boarding pass, I have them add it back, the miles never show up, I fax in receipts, boarding passes, and blood samples (as required to get the mile credit), then never hear anything…  If it wasn’t in an attempt to get Carrie & Torsten along on trips, I would give up on keeping up with it. (I suppose that is the hope, eh? airlines?)

3) I noticed–and I want more impressions of this:  European airport bookstores have great science (like Einstein, Darwin, etc).  US airports generally don’t have a science section.  If they do it is “The Physics of Reality TV shows” (I’m not kidding–I really saw this one in SEATAC today!).  I hear recently that the Anchorage airport bookstore does have a science section (but I looked for it when I was there two weeks ago!  I was distracted by hangin’ w/ Torsten, so I’ll stand by my premise/observation/anecdote).  US airport bookstores have no reasonable science book section for the importance of science and technology to our lives.  (heck–the fact that we are getting on airplanes should emphasize this!!) And my impression is that European airport bookstores (given, my main impression is from Amsterdam–a nice big airport.  But Oslo as well!).  I’ve recently done my survey in DFW, Seatac, ABQ, JNU (ha!).  I’m gathering anecdotes and impressions–let me know what you think!

And what else do you notice about travel?

Measuring the Mendenhall Terminus

Bill, Nick, Dave, and Josh went out to measure the terminus position of Mendenhall Glacier.  Not really talus-heavner news, but just wanted to share the photos and adventure with you.  Come visit, and we’ll go out in the canoes/kayaks!