Boating fri night

Out with Beth, Jim, Glen on the Ijsselmyr (finally-we joked it was 5 years in the making). This is the boat, we have the hydrophone out for porpoises while eating the great breakfast Jim cooked. More good pictures from the camera soon.

More sun

Today, we woke up and had to head out Boy Scout beach trail to Eagle Beach. We ran into friends camping out there, and another group kayaked by. It was a little windy, but since the forecast was for 100% chance of rain, we can’t really complain!

Auke Bay Coop End of Year Picnic

Time has flown, and it is the end of the school year! Torsten’s preschool celebrated with a BBQ at Auke Rec with the continued perfect weather we’ve been getting.. I was total failure at picture taking (only had the phone)–but we’ll probably get some of October’s pics (she had the good camera).

From Auke Bay Coop End of School BBQ

From Auke Bay Coop End of School BBQ

From Auke Bay Coop End of School BBQ

(Sorry for the backlog on the blog–we’ve been having fun and trying to keep up with ourselves!)

Boston childrens museum

Grams, Gramps, Taariq, Naadir, Kori, Heri, Ben, Gretchen, Peter, Nana, and Boppa met us for most of Saturday at the Boston childrens museum. Great fun. The climbing structure was the highlight.

Opening Day

We are trying out Tee Ball and got great weather for opening day ceremonies. Torsten is on the Padres and was right up front. (Please note the big piles of snow outside the fence.)

Friends Matt and Sabrina were behind Torsten’s team so they made it in several photos. The ceremony went a little long for T, so the photo that features Matt (Jones, not H!) has T in the lower left playing in the dirt.

See if you can find T in the “whole field” picture!


Great to see Ava, Willa, and Kristen! We are enjoying the playground/zoo/park. Mira, Anika, and Lisa Krone just joined us! Wahoo!

Happy mother’s day!

Sun day in juneau!

Oops-I forgot to post this. Mothers day in Juneau was a great pamper Carrie sunny day. Rob came to town for seamonstering and ‘high-bandwidth’ catching up. Wahoo!