Juneautopia gives up the sun for the locals

Great weather last Saturday in Juneau! Torsten didn’t want to go skiing, and we didn’t want to push it, so we think he’s done for the season. Carrie was busy with the Auke Bay Coop and then making cards with Charmaine. Torsten and Matt went out to Eagle Beach to watch the tide come in, do some digging, play in the snow, and throw rocks in the water. (It looks like the rock is heading straight for the camera in the third picture, but it is flying off to the left.)

sunny Juneau

The full picture gallery is available, but even better are a few videos: Torsten watching the tide coming in (and playing in it), Torsten throwing rocks, Torsten rolling down a snowy hill.

As you can see, it was a fantastically sunny day–Torsten got warm and had to take off his jacket! Liza and Steve totally lucked out with the timing of their John Muir cabin reservation–enjoy their great pictures! We’re jealous and hoping that we’ll get weather half as good when we head up there in March.

Mendenhall Beauty

Carrie has gotten out to Mendenhall Glacier/Lake a few times for a quick dog run/ski/walk.  It is fantastic out there in the winter, and we really enjoy Laurie Craig’s email updates (she is a huge force at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor’s Center)..  Here are a few photos from Carrie’s recent trips–first a nice walk with the dogs:

and next Carrie and Ginny went out for a skijor.  Suka is getting lazy, but Coda is a ski-joring force!


I do want to note that we all went out for the Friday “Fireside Chats” on Volcanos. Torsten liked that!  We’re looking forward to Roman’s presentation on Greenland research, and then Matt has to come up with a presentation (along with Cathy, Eran, and the SEAMONSTER gang) on what we’ve been doing on the glacier and lake!

Torsten keeps skiing

We got the “report card” after a few weeks of Torsten ski lessons. (We had a parent/teacher conference for the preschool, but I think this is Torsten’s first report card!)

Torsten's first report card

He is moving on to the platter pull (but won’t quite go up on his own yet–he has one of the instructors go with him). And he prefers to hang on to someone, but he’s got a “good wedge” (can stop!) and will go down on his own–both fast, and in control. Amazing! The two photos below give a sense for the platter pull/bunny hill ski area, but the movies below are the best.

First, here’s Torsten waiting in line to go up the platter pull (he is the blue body suit, just about center picture horizontally, in front of Eva (in pink body suit) and the instructor (red jacket)).

Next, here’s a photo of Torsten coming down the bunny hill. (He is the blue body suit, with yellow bib, in front of the instructor with red jacket, on the far upper left of the photo.)

But best of all are the movies! Here is a movie of Torsten going up the platter pull with his instructor’s help. And what goes up, must come down, so here is the movie of Torsten skiing down the bunny slope.

Torsten skis!

In early January, Torsten started up in “Wee Ski School” at Eaglecrest, for two hours every Sunday afternoon.  They have great instructors, who Torsten loves.  He already knew Kohu from when he went to Jonelle’s for day care.  They start out on the magic carpet–here he is going up, and then giving Kohu a high-five after skiing down.

Torsten (in blue body suit) heading up the Magic Carpet Hi five Kohu (after skiing down the Magic Carpet

It is better in movie format, so check out this movie of Torsten skiing down the Magic Carpet slope!