The psyche is on

And it is reaching a fevered pitch! We’re anticipating a fantastic Thanksgiving Dinner, with friends local and with thoughts of friends and family all over. And then it is time to ski!! Reading the reviews, it looks like Sipapu is where we will start, then go get some cross country fun in at Enchanted Forest.

Aven and Torsten are extremely ready!

See ya on the slopes!!

The Commute

Here’s my usual commute — this is from a bike ride home last week. I ran it in this morning. I hope the movie works for ya!

I’m trying out new apps.. This is mapmyride. Kinda fun!

Road Trip: Carlsbad and Roswell

We took a long Veteran’s Day weekend to road trip to Roswell and Carlsbad. Grams got the spontaneous award for driving over from Lubbock to meet us!

Aven was a fantastic driver (at least at the Sonic drive in)

We spent the night in Roswell, went for a swim in the hotel pool, and then drove on to Carlsbad. It was so exciting to get to the park!

We had a great ranger/tour guide!

It was very exciting to take the 750′ elevator down, especially when they turned off the lights! Then we got to take the ~1.5 mile walking tour around the caverns. We all loved it!

Even the bathrooms down in the caves were cool!

We got super lost, and had to get some new friends we met down there to show us the way out:

We met up with Grams after a nap, and spent the night in Carlsbad. Another good swim in the hotel pool, and we drove up to Roswell. We took a driving break to go to the International UFO Museum.

Torsten and Aven were very good hosts to their new buddy

The main display had a rotating saucer, smoke machine, and aliens that breathed, moved, and lotsa great music and sound effects:

After the museum, we went to the only spaceship themed McDonald’s for lunch, iMovie hacking with Grams, and lots of playing:

It was a very successful drive home (with dinner and Petco stops in Santa Fe) — Aven did fantastic, so we might be ready for some more fun road-tripping around the lower 48! Torsten thought the best part was the caving. We were all very glad to see Grams. And bonus: we got home Saturday night, so one more day of the weekend!! (It is a gray, fire in the fireplace, make frames, clean house, mellow kinda day).

If you need the whole gallery from this trip, it is all yours..