Onward to the past!

I just got this email from NASA News:

NASA Science News for January 8, 2007It’s official: the Moon is on the metric system. NASA is returning to the Moon, and the agency has decided to use metric units for all future lunar operations.



We’re so cutting edge! It is 2007, and we’re getting ready for.. 1969We’re going to the moon! (Apollo 11, July 20, 1969)

We’re using the metric system! (Australia converted to metric in 1969).

Guess what, I just discovered this great cutting edge new band. Called the Grateful Dead! They are hot!

What other parallels might we find–let’s see: In 1969 a country called Vietnam was using the metric system. In 2007 this other country called Iraq is using the metric system. Boy, a lot of countries use the metric system. I’m just sayin’.

I’m excited we’re going to the moon, I’d sign up to go. I’d be psyched to check out Jack Schmidt’s ski reports and I’d love to try out some biking. I love the metric system. I love the Dead. (I’ve been listening to 5/8/77 on the ipod, Torsten loves drummin’ along with the Hamza El-Din opening of the 9/15/1978 Gizah Sound and Light Theater show (at the Pyramids in Egypt), and after finishing Phil’s “Searching for the Sound” auto-biography, I’ve been going back to a lot of early shows. From 1969. I’m cutting edge here, I tell ya!)I’m just thinking, ‘cmon NASA, fund sensor networks or something. Oh, OK, I’ll get back to work. Sorry.

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