Go home Wolfie! Good Wolf.

Torsten, Carrie, Matt, Suka, and Kita went for a ski on Mendenhall Lake. We got there and the Mendenhall wolf (Romeo, people have named him) was there, looking for some dog playmates. It was a bit strange and also a neat experience. Suka was ready to play chase, but Romeo was a bit big and heavy to want to do so much sprinting. Here the wolf is checking out Torsten and photographer:

Torsten and Mendenhall Wolf

We watched the wolf for a while, then Carrie went off for a ski while Torsten and Matt skied then walked around in the snow. The wolf followed Carrie (and the dogs) very closely (wanting to play!). While watching, Matt wondered what he might say to the wolf in that situation “Go home wolf!” doesn’t quite seem right when the wolf is home. Carrie said the wolf was a little too close, so she came back. Here’s the wolf and Kita “shadowing” each other.

Kita and Mendenhall wolf

Here’s Carrie skiing off towards the glacier. Kita is near her, and the wolf is over to the right.

Carrie skiing wolf

Check out the whole photo gallery of the afternoon.

This is the same wolf who came to visit us at the John Muir cabin back in 2004 when Torsten was only 5-6 weeks old. (No photos of the wolf, but the gallery of the John Muir trip (Torsten’s first camping trip) is fun to look at. It is hard to believe Torsten was ever that small!)

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