Torsten keeps skiing

We got the “report card” after a few weeks of Torsten ski lessons. (We had a parent/teacher conference for the preschool, but I think this is Torsten’s first report card!)

Torsten's first report card

He is moving on to the platter pull (but won’t quite go up on his own yet–he has one of the instructors go with him). And he prefers to hang on to someone, but he’s got a “good wedge” (can stop!) and will go down on his own–both fast, and in control. Amazing! The two photos below give a sense for the platter pull/bunny hill ski area, but the movies below are the best.

First, here’s Torsten waiting in line to go up the platter pull (he is the blue body suit, just about center picture horizontally, in front of Eva (in pink body suit) and the instructor (red jacket)).

Next, here’s a photo of Torsten coming down the bunny hill. (He is the blue body suit, with yellow bib, in front of the instructor with red jacket, on the far upper left of the photo.)

But best of all are the movies! Here is a movie of Torsten going up the platter pull with his instructor’s help. And what goes up, must come down, so here is the movie of Torsten skiing down the bunny slope.

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  1. Good job, T! Good job, C+M!

    Sonja wasn’t/isn’t interested in skis this year yet, though her cousin, two months younger, is (of course the cousin has three older siblings, all of whom ski). But we did go sledding this year. Hopefully skiing next year!

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