Mendenhall Beauty

Carrie has gotten out to Mendenhall Glacier/Lake a few times for a quick dog run/ski/walk.  It is fantastic out there in the winter, and we really enjoy Laurie Craig’s email updates (she is a huge force at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor’s Center)..  Here are a few photos from Carrie’s recent trips–first a nice walk with the dogs:

and next Carrie and Ginny went out for a skijor.  Suka is getting lazy, but Coda is a ski-joring force!


I do want to note that we all went out for the Friday “Fireside Chats” on Volcanos. Torsten liked that!  We’re looking forward to Roman’s presentation on Greenland research, and then Matt has to come up with a presentation (along with Cathy, Eran, and the SEAMONSTER gang) on what we’ve been doing on the glacier and lake!

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  1. Yay, Carrie the Mendenhall beauty.

    After reading your blog and Ed Plumb’s in Fairbanks I am going through serious Alaska homesickness. Ouch.

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