Hawaii Photos

Hawaii Family Photo

I finally got a chance to put together a photo gallery from Hawaii. (If you’d like to check out all the photos, they are in this gallery.) It was a great trip, enhanced by reading about all the snow that was dumping on Juneau. Kristen, Jarrod, Ava, and Willa thought the idea of a break from the Alaska winter was a good idea, and joined us on the Hawaiian visit. We enjoyed staying at the Sheraton Waikiki right on the beach and exploring Oahu. We wish we had more time to explore other islands–we’ll just have to go back soon!
The trip itself was initiated by Matt’s presentation at the Acoustics Society of America on the bat detector–the poster was Matt, Carrie, and Allan Hall (a 2006 NSF REU summer student). It was well received and we made several good contacts. Allan was able to come to Oahu to join us (since he goes to school at Univ. Hawaii in Hilo, hopping over for a quick conference during finals week was actually possible!).

Don’t miss the “you were there” video as well!

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