San Fran: Fall AGU

We are all down in San Francisco for Fall AGU. What a great week of science and catching up with friends. We were very bad at both keeping up with photos and with blogging. So very quickly, here are our two good photos, and we are waiting to get friends photos (send ’em, or even put your favorite on as a comment here!). Also, I’d love to get my notes from the meeting online, but so far I’ve only managed to bookmark a few other folks blogs. Check out the day one of Fall AGU Virtual Globe blog over at the Google Earth Blog.

Carrie and Torsten on the Carosel

Torsten in Heaven (street musicians)

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  1. Hilary is busy taking care of me as I slowly melt down due to my very painful earache. My mom Jen has gone across the street for heavy narcotics to sedate me and, possibly, herself. You see, she is a bit unhappy with daddy Peter because he turned around 8 miles from the Denver airport and brought us all back home, so mommy, sister Hannah and I missed our flight to Boston today. Daddy got freaked by a bit of snow and refused to finish the trip to DIA. Mommy said funny words to daddy that I have never really heard before. She was loud. I did not like it. Anyway, Hilary and Ryan are both here and are helping out. Ryan made some killer burritos last night and some waffles to die for this morning (after the aborted airport trip). We are getting dumped on by a big snowstorm right now. They are expecting 1-2 feet of snow. Later, Ryan promised to help me make a yellow snowman.

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