Santa came!

Click on the picture of Torsten and Santa to get a movie of Torsten’s appreciation of Santa’s visit. If you want to see a bunch of photos from the Christmas festivities (mostly Torsten opening packages!), check out the 2006 Christmas gallery.
Torsten was completely delighted with the whole Christmas experience. On Christmas Eve Eve (Dec 23), during nap time, the “big boy bed” (bunk bed) was setup. That was just the beginning of the excitment. On Christmas Eve (day), Matt and Carrie got a Christmas present of Nana and Grandpa Bob watching Torsten so they actually got to go up to Eaglecrest and ski together!! (What a novelty for parents of a 2 year old!) Check out some of our Christmas at Eaglecrest pictures by clicking on the image of us on the ski lift:

After the Christmas Eve nap, we all went back up to Eaglecrest for the music, torch lit ski parade, and finally Santa’s arrival. Torsten was very (barely) patient as he was one of the later kids to be given a present from Santa (he received a Playdoh Factory and was very appreciative. The whole time up at Eaglecrest was exciting!

On Christmas, we opened and enjoyed presents, pausing to play and read, and finally running out of steam–so Torsten has presents left to open on Dec 26, and probably Dec 27… We all went to a great Christmas dinner at Joan, Doug, and Eva’s place.

We hope you had a great holiday celebration!

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