Ullr Fest

Quite a fun day! It started out with Torsten’s soccer game (while Carrie and Suka went out for a ten mile run), then up to Pajarito for

We had fun wandering around, running into friends, sippin’ beers, having lunch at the lodge, running through the forest, etc… Carrie took Aven for a drive up in the Jemez at nap time. Torsten and I picked up our season passes — yeah!!!

Then Torsten and I took the lift ride up to the top with our bikes:

It was really a beautiful day. There were areas of fire damage in the ski area, and you could see it in the surrounding hills for sure. It was really amazing how well the grass came back, so the black, brown, and copper trees (and some green ones!) are standing (some sitting/laying) above green hillsides for the most part.

Then rode down! WAHOO! (I wasn’t good enough with the camera to get action shots…)

We finished it with a fantastic dinner and evening visit with Cassie, David, & kids..

Another successful day of fun and tiring out the kids!

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  1. Who is Ullr?

    “He is god of snow; the one called Ullr. Son of Sif, step-son of Thor. He is so fierce a bowman and ski-runner that none may contend! He is quite beautiful to look upon as has all the characteristics of a warrior. It is wise to invoke the name Ullr in duels.” From The Gulfaginning..

  2. and the Ullr Nordic Libation (a Peppermint Cinnamon Schnapps) from the Hood River Distillers in Oregon has a “Prayer for Snow” on the side of the bottle:

    Come snow! Come snow!
    Fall fast, fall slow
    Be it powder or crud,
    Let the inches be shown
    Come snow! Come snow!
    Blessed Ullr bestow
    Make white our peaks
    Make full our bowls
    Come snow! Come snow!
    From here to fro
    Let the ski god be praised
    Let his gifts be shown

  3. Talus/Heavner family— geek friends at NOAA reported serious negative eastern Pacific SSTs. This may equal serious snow impairment, some of the worst ever, in NM. Recommendation: start making shaved ice now. And book time at Steamboat or Telluride.

  4. yeah Mary. We’re trying everything.. 1) Denial. 2) Burnt offerings to Ullr (although maybe it doesn’t count? We didn’t mean to leave those yummy farmer’s market beets in the oven until it was time to make the cookies–oops!) 3) free publicity for Ullr. 3) Working on all the Wolf Creek connections we can!

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