Don Visits

After CEDAR, Don Hampton came “up the hill” for a visit. We really enjoyed catching up with him. We went out on a hike down behind the golf course, partially on Walnut Rim trail. Don found big rocks to stand on:

Torsten enjoyed exploring rocks and trying to keep up with Don

It was a great hike, and Aven held her own:

But it was also quite hot, and Aven was good at calling the water breaks

After cleaning up from the hike, we went over to celebrate Carrie’s piece in the gallery opening in the Fuller Lodge gallery:

Then we wandered over to the museum (we tested out whether you get more bubbles in a root beer float if you add the root beer to the ice cream or if you add the ice cream to the root beer. Both kids approved of this kind of science.) On the way the museum, we had a little chat with Opie and Leslie

A few more pictures are in the gallery.

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