We had a great visit to Hoonah last Sunday, thanks to Uncle Peter and “job connections.”  Carrie, Peter, Torsten, and Matt went over on an Allen Marine boat (with about 30 people total)–very relaxed, and we stopped to see many whales along the way.  We got over there, and Carrie and Peter went to ride down the world’s longest zipline, while Matt and Torsten explored Hoonah’s most amazing (and only) swingset, and then hiked along the coast to meet everyone at the end of the zipline and have some lunch.  It was a great trip, and we’ve got more than a few photos up in the gallery.  Here are a few highlights:

We all had a blast!  No great shots from the zipline (Peter’s camera batteries died!), but take Carrie’s recommendation–just do it!

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