Public Market 2007

Carrie went in with Abby and Chip on a booth at Juneau’s Public Market.

Carrie was really on top of it this year, especially with her own Talus-Tiles kiln in the garage.  There was of course still a small last minute “get it all together” panic:

 The public market was lots of fun for Carrie, and Torsten and Matt got to hang out together for a good intense father/son weekend.   Here are several photos of Carrie’s part of the booth, and they show off one of her new trials this year–the big noodle bowls which came out amazing!


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  1. Carrie – your tiles look amazing. Wow. I wish I could come over there and buy some. I like the frames around them, that is new. I also love the big bowls! Very, very cool. Way to go, mate.

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