Boundary Waters, preview

Carrie, Torsten, and Matt are all up in Minnesota for a good vacation–away from cell phones and internet (mostly).  We met up w/ Torsten’s Nana (Jaye) and saw lots of family on various Minnesota Lakes for three days.  Then we caught up with Kate, Tom, Ellen, Greg, and all the tykes.  We have six adults, three 3-year-olds, and two 1-year-olds.  Yesterday we had an awesome canoe through the boundary waters (all of the above in two canoes!?!), then last night the moms all went out for dinner and catching up while the dads fairly successfully got everyone fed and to sleep.  Here’s a photo preview, with much more to come:

A view in the canoe Playing during the lunch break

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  1. Oh boy, 6 adults + 5 kids in 2 canoes, how does that equation work? At least no doggies to make a mess of the whole thing :). Or did you? Sounds like Boundary Waters are fun!

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