We all went to Minnesota July 4-14 for a great vacation. First, we met up with Nana and visited family and friends in northern Minnesota (Aurora, Vermillion Lake, Ely..) This was lots of fun, and the start of some good lake time.

Next, we stayed at Nana’s friends Harry’s place on the shore of Lake Superior just outside of Grand Marais–a very nice place. Next we went to a cabin on Devil’s Track Lake and met up with Ellen, Greg, Taj, Mia, Kate, Tom, Janna, and Carmen.

Torsten and Taj were excited to see each other!

Torsten and Matt got some kayaking and fishing in, as a warm up for lots of time on the water during the whole vacation.

There was lots of good fishing going on from the docks:

The whole gang ate together (Carmen is hiding behind Carrie, Greg is taking the picture)

We got (Lake Superior) beach time with friends

And some good sleeping had to happen sometime:

Of course there was lots of canoeing

The day long canoe in the Boundary Waters was great, but that will get its own blog entry.  After the canoeing, it was time for an ice cream break:


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